For Generations, a Strong Partner in Warehouse Logistics and Transportation

Established in 1844 in Hamburg and family-owned for generations, we are your reliable partner for warehouse logistics services. As an independent entity operating with a trained and experienced team, we ensure optimal flow of your goods by combining storage, handling and shipping. True to our motto of "Said - Done", we handle your tasks professionally and with dedication.

Performance Meets Experience

Our daily work includes container and truck loading and unloading, goods receipt and dispatch, cargo inspection, storage, sampling, weighing, and overall management of these processes.


Comprehensive and Individual Solutions

From documentation to customs clearance for import and export shipments, as well as the preparation of all necessary paperwork, we have the expertise to proficiently provide an all-round carefree package. With experience and a commitment to quality, we create practical and individualized solutions in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

With Routine and Expertise

We have 75,000 m² of covered warehouse space, 5,000 m² of covered outdoor space, and over 120,000 m² of open space. Our high-bay warehouse is equipped with 20,000 barcode-controlled pallet spaces. With our in-house fleet, we can independently handle almost any type of transportation without relying on third parties.

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