The Hanseatic Handshake as the Recipe for Success

The commitment of Hamburg merchants to their word has been the cornerstone of our success for decades. Since 1844, we have remained dedicated to providing service and quality, continually expanding our warehouse spaces and introducing innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Our History

  • 1844 

Formation of the company

  • 1971

Klaus Riesner becomes a shareholder and managing director of Schwarze & Consort GmbH. The company is located in the Speicherstadt at Brook 6. At that time, the company utilized five floors, each with 400 m² of storage space.

  • 1975

Expansion of the storage space with the addition of five more floors, allowing Schwarze & Consort GmbH to manage Luke 6 + 7 at Brook. This corresponds to a total storage area of 4,000 m².

  • 1978  

Joachim Riesner, the eldest of Klaus Riesner's four sons, starts his apprenticeship at Schwarze & Consort GmbH.

  • 1980 - 1998  

An additional 6,000 m² of warehouse space is rented at Jaffestraße 12 in Wilhelmsburg. This location becomes the first ground-level storage facility, in addition to the existing floors in Hamburg's Speicherstadt.

  • 1984

Stefan Riesner begins his apprenticeship at Schwarze & Consort GmbH.

  • 1987  

After completing his apprenticeship and gaining several years of professional experience at HHLA, Thomas Riesner also joins Schwarze & Consort GmbH.

  • 1988 

Klaus Riesner becomes the sole owner of Schwarze & Consort GmbH.

  • 1988 - 2011 

Leasing of 30,000 m² of covered warehouse space at the Afrikaterminal – Sheds 25 to 29 - directly in the Port of Hamburg

  • 1994

After completing his apprenticeship at HHLA, Frank Riesner joins Schwarze & Consort GmbH



  • 1998

The four brothers become managing directors of Schwarze & Consort GmbH (f.l.t.r.: Thomas, Joachim, Stefan and Frank Riesner).



  • 1998

Schwarze & Consort GmbH moves from the Speicherstadt to Afrikastraße 4+6, directly in the Port of Hamburg. The new headquarters offers a covered warehouse space of 25,000 m².

  • 2007

Leasing of 35,000 m² of covered warehouse space at Andreas-Meyer-Straße 17-19 in Hamburg Billbrook

  • 2015

Schwarze & Consort GmbH starts operating as an independent transportation company.

  • 2016 - 2021

Leasing of 12,800 m² of covered warehouse space at Dessauerstraße - Shed 46

  • 2020

Commissioning of the green coffee silo

  • 2021

Leasing of 11,000 m² of covered warehouse space at Altenwerder Hauptstraße 11-23 in the Hamburg Altenwerder logistics center

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