Experts in Customs Clearance

Regardless of whether you are importing or exporting goods, we offer you a wide range of services tailored to fit seamlessly into your supply chain.

Import Clearance

We are pleased to handle the customs clearance of your goods to realize the import into the European Union. As a certified importer and initial recipient for organic products, we can also assist with the customs clearance of your organic imports.

Customs Custody

If you are importing goods from outside the European Union to Hamburg, they must be placed under a customs procedure immediately after arrival. If the specific customs procedure for the goods is not yet determined, we are pleased to take over the temporary custody for your goods. For instance, if an imported container is not to be immediately customs cleared upon arrival, a change of custody is necessary to be allowed to move the goods out of the port of Hamburg.

Bonded Warehouse

You can store your third-country goods with us without having to pay import duties. This gives you the opportunity to re-export the goods at a later time or transfer them to another customs procedure.

Export Clearance

If your goods are to leave the European Union, this must be reported to the customs authorities. This applies to all goods being re-exported. We would be pleased to prepare the export declaration on your behalf.

Transit Handling

If non-customs-cleared goods are to be customs-cleared at the final destination, the goods must be transported through the European Union without customs clearance. For the transportation of customs uncleared cargo, we will prepare a T1 document for you.

Fiscal Representation

If your company is based outside the European Union and you wish to import goods into Germany for sale within the EU, we can act as a fiscal representative. This allows the goods to be imported into Germany, even though they are sold in another country within the European Union.

Other Services