Warehousing Logistics and Transportation: Embracing Hanseatic Tradition

For over a century, since 1844, our Hamburg-based family business has been a trusted partner
in storage, handling, and shipping. As a transport and logistics service provider, reliability is
our most valuable asset. We deliver on our promises!

Storage and Handling

Due to our convenient location, extensive warehouse space, high quality standards, and experienced team, we offer you first class storage concepts.

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Transport Solutions

With short distances and quick decision-making, we enable flexible and independent transportation from port to warehouse and beyond. Transport solutions are a part of our comprehensive service.

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Customs Handling

Regardless of whether you are importing or exporting goods, we offer you a wide range of customs handling solutions to fit seamlessly into your supply chain.

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In 2020, we launched our advanced silo facility, representing our commitment to efficiently address your needs. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the silo is exclusively dedicated to processing green coffee, ensuring our ability to promptly respond to your specific demands. We can load and receive your green coffee …


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