Green Coffee is our Passion

For several decades, we have played a significant role in the supply chain of the green coffee industry as a logistics service provider. We handle and store industrial green coffee and specialty green coffees. Our specialized team is equipped with comprehensive knowledge to fulfill the quality requirements of the green coffee business. The highest priority for us is maintaining the quality of your product.

Warehouse Logistics

Green coffee beans come exclusively from countries located around the equatorial belt. They are harvested there and exported to the rest of the world. After a long sea journey, the green coffee beans are received and processed for the final consumer.

As a logistics expert, we play a crucial role in the European market. The Port of Hamburg is considered the world's most important hub for green coffee trade. We passionately take care of every step your green coffee makes with us - from the Arrival, through appropriate Storage, to its final Delivery.

Arrival of Goods / Import

Green coffee arrives after a long voyage by vessel or a shorter journey by truck. It is transported in bags, big bags or in bulk. Regardless of the mode of transportation and the type of packaging, we can receive your green coffee.

For a smooth import handling we take over the communication with the shipping lines and the responsible authorities. Once your green coffee physically arrives, we do an incoming goods inspection. The condition of the transport vehicles and the seals are checked before unloading. We verify the quantity, condition, and marking of your green coffee. The goods are weighed, and samples are drawn for quality control purposes.


For nearly forty years, we have provided handling and warehousing services in the green coffee business. Our priority is to ensure the highest level of care and quality for your goods. We are specialized in handling green coffee regardless of the packaging type. Whether in bags or big bags, your goods are always in capable hands and stored separated from other products in our block warehouse. We are also pleased to offer storage for bulk shipments. They are stored in our silo modules exclusively used for green coffee. We always have the appropriate solution for you.


We are a certified organic warehouse keeper and authorized importer and first receiver for organic green coffee (Organic Certificate).

Our warehouse meets the high-quality requirements of the IFS Logistics certification (IFS Certificate).

We are nominated warehouse keepers for green coffee at the commodity futures exchanges ICE Futures Europe in London and ICE Futures US in New York.

Delivery / Export

After you have stored your green coffee with us, we will deliver it according to your instructions. Regardless of whether your green coffee leaves our warehouse by truck or export container, the goods will be inspected and weighed again when preparing your shipments.

If your customer requires particular documents, we will take care of that as well. We maintain constant communication with the relevant authorities and can, for example, arrange certificates of origin or phyotsanitary certificates for your goods. We are also pleased to handle the export process for you, including complete document preparation.

We look forward to receiving your inquiries.


In order to analyze the quality of your green coffee, we take samples and send them to an address of your preference. In addition to the arrival and offer samples, we also draw exchange samples.

Specialty Green Coffee

For more than two decades, we've also been offering our services in the specialty coffee sector.

Specialty coffees include green coffee beans of the highest quality, sourced from unique cultivation areas. We dedicate ourselves daily to protecting the premium quality of specialty coffees throughout handling and storage. Through the combination of knowledge, experience, and diligence within our team, we process customer orders conscientious and efficiently.

Processing - Silo

In 2020, we launched our advanced silo facility, representing our commitment to efficiently address your needs. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the silo is exclusively dedicated to processing green coffee, ensuring our ability to promptly respond to your specific demands. We can load and receive your green coffee in bulk regardless of the weather conditions. Loading and unloading via silo trailers, round silos, or bulk containers are handled through our silo facility. Our silo service includes weighing, cleaning & destoning, blending, and changing packaging types.


Cleaning & Destoning

To clean your green coffee, we offer the option to pass them through our cleaning facilities. Foreign elements, such as dust, twigs, stones, and metallic components, will be removed in the process. This provides you with the opportunity to enhance the quality of your green coffee beans and prepare them for the subsequent processing steps.



According to individual customer specifications, we create blends from various green coffee qualities. In this process, different lots are blended together homogeneously based on custom recipes.


Changing of Packaging Units

We can transfer your green coffee from one packaging unit into any other type of packaging unit. Repackaging into new bags or big bags is part of our portfolio.