Pharmaceutical Logistics: Ensuring the Highest Quality Standards

With decades of experience, we, as a logistics service provider, are a significant part of the supply chain in the business of pharmaceutical raw materials and medical products. As an independent warehousing expert, we are pleased to store and handle your products.

Our specially trained team possesses comprehensive knowledge to meet the quality demands in the pharmaceutical sector. Ensuring the quality of your products is of the highest priority to us.

Warehouse Logistics


Since 1984, we have been a registered warehousing operator with the health authority in Hamburg. Active pharmaceutical ingredients, medicinal products, and medical devices are handled and stored by us.

As a logistics service provider, we offer you comprehensive services. From Arrival of Goods, through appropriate and careful Storage, to Delivery - your product is our utmost priority.



Arrival of Goods / Import

After the production of your product at its origin and onward transportation, we, as warehousing experts, play a significant role in the entire supply chain. We meet the high quality standards in the pharmaceutical sector and ensure the integrity of your product's quality.

For a seamless import process, we handle communication with shipping lines and relevant authorities. Upon the physical receipt of your goods, they undergo an incoming inspection. The condition of the transportation means and seals will be verified. During unloading, the quantity, condition, and packaging markings are examined. Based on this, we sort and store the goods.



As a reliable partner in your supply chain, we place the utmost emphasis on the quality of your products. We provide storage based on our own quality management system, aligned with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines.

Depending on the type of goods, your products will be stored either in our block warehouse or in our high-bay warehouse with 20.000 pallet spaces. Both facilities are temperature-monitored.


We are a certified organic warehouse keeper and authorized importer and first receiver for organic products (Organic Certificate). Our warehouse meets the high-quality requirements of the IFS Logistics certification (IFS Certificate).


Delivery / Export

After you have stored your product with us, we will deliver it according to your instructions. Regardless of whether your product leaves our warehouse by truck or export container, it undergoes a renewed quality control inspection.

Following this, we load your shipments onto a truck or into a container. We also have the capability to coordinate on-carriage by truck or handle the export process for you, including the full creation of necessary documents.

We look forward to receiving your inquiries.


Upon request, it is possible to take samples of your products. We offer access to a dedicated sample room with a laminar flow setup.